Family Ties Cross Stitch Pattern
Family Ties Cross Stitch Pattern

Family Ties Cross Stitch Pattern

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There are 4 patterns in this lovely collection for daughter, son, grandson & granddaughter. They verses are:

Daughter - Thoughts of you make me smile, little girl for a little while. My lovely daughter so full of grace in all you do in all you face. Once you skipped now you run fulfilling goals all well done. Remember days that slowly passed wiggly toes in dew damp grass. Dandelion stains on tiny fingers joyful laughs forever linger. I warp your dreams around my heart love, prayers and blessing from the start."

Son - "Hearing the words "It's a Boy!" brings back memories of great joy. Dear sweet baby, now a man, you're a precious gift in God's plan. Silly antics and running feet will always echo in my sleep. Big bear hugs and sticky kisses pockets full of stones and wishes in dark night of shooting stars bright dreams flew upwards farther than far. Life is so full of challenges sometimes burdens and cares so hang on to childhood's shooting stars they just might carty you farther than far and oh, sweet son, remember this, whenever you're at play, your winning smile will forever be the light of all my days."

"Grandson - A new life starts and God smiles as his perfect plan begins again. A new life grows and we watch with pride as God's heritage of love and peach carries on."

"Granddaughter - God places all the hope and promise of budding rose in each life that graces the earth. God has blessed our lives with a lovely rose blossoming in the splendor of hope and promise."

Mostly cross stitch and backstitch.