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Photo Restoration and Retouching Foundation


How to successfully restore and archive your family photos. Video and workbook.

My good friend, Eric Basir, has developed a photo editing program for you to use at home at your own speed. If you have always wanted to edit, clean up or restore some of those old photos, this is a great program to teach you how to do it. Many genealogists know Eric through conferences here in the midwest and Chicago area. Eric has a 14 day return policy if you are not satified. Click here to see Eric's photo restoration mini-videos

The course is on 4 discs and includes a book to follow. I reviewed the course myself and found it very educational and excellent for the beginner as well as one with some skill. Having taken both a beginning and advanced course at our local technical college, I still learned from this!

Now you can have full access to Photoshop Instructor Eric Basir through this new DVD Video and Workbook Course.

Almost 4 years in the making, Mr. Basir of Photo Grafix uses the natural environment, concise step-by-step videos and an easy-to-read workbook to help students with no or very little Photoshop experience.

This course has been tested and successfully applied in live classrooms. This is a high-quality course with 16 hours of high-quality video. 1-Year Free Phone/Online Help. 14-Day “No Questions Asked” Money-Back-Guarantee.

Here are some FAQ's:

Q: Why does it cost so much?

A: If you enrolled in our class here in Evanston, Illinois, you would pay slightly more (including transportation and supplies). This course has more information and a beautiful and easy-to-read text book. You can replay any portions. You also have access to the instructor, Eric Basir through telephone or internet. We put 4 years of production into this course. It is not a tutorial. It is a comprehensive course to give you a foundation to correctly digitize and edit your photographic collection. It is also a refined course. That is, Eric has taught it to real people in a real classroom since 2002. You get optimum value for your money when purchasing this course.

I already own some of your tutorials and books, why do I need this class?

A: Simply put, the tutorials and books supplement or reinforce what you learned in our tutorials and books. Once you complete the Photo Restoration & Retouching Foundations Class, you will be amazed with your own abilities. You will truly have a firm foundation. A subsequent review of the tutorials and books will provide you a fuller understanding and more confidence. Using the tutorials and books instead of the class robs you of a comprehensive understanding of photo retouching fundamentals.

I was a student in one of your classes and workshops? Does this course cover the same topics? Do I really need it?

A: If you attended our Photoshop Class at the Evanston Township High School Adult Continuing Education Center (Now facilitated by Oakton Community College), the Photo Restoration & Retouching Foundations Course is almost identical. There is also more information in the workbook than you had in our Evanston class or handouts at genealogical societies. Besides having the ability to replay the video at any time, you will have full control over the pace of the lessons.—This video will refresh your memory and help you overcome weaknesses. It’s worth it! If you attended Eric’s workshops at various genealogical society conferences, you definitely need this course. Just the fact that you can follow along with your own computer is worth the cost.

I am trying to learn Adobe Photoshop Elements. Does your class cover that?

A: Yes. In fact, all the fundamental tools and functions in Adobe Photoshop are found in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Almost half of our students use Elements. There is one function taught in the class not shared between the programs. However, that is not a foundational function and it is covered in the tenth lesson.

Do you sell Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements?

A: Yes. Please visit the software section of the Photo Grafix University Store here.

Q: How do I request a refund for the Photo Restoration & Retouching Foundations Class?

A: You have 14 days from the time you receive the package to review it. If 14 days have not yet passed, notify us that you are returning it and promptly mail the entire package to:

Photo Grafix, P.O. Box 992, Evanston, IL 60204-0992. If the video and workbook package is undamaged we will refund your money in the same method you paid for it (Paypal refund for Paypal payment or check or cash refund for check or cash payment).